News: PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Finally Comes Out of Hiding

After months of rumors we finally have concrete evidence of Sony’s new brawler.  After going under the code name “Title Fight” we now know that Sony will release PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale some times this year.  But will Battle Royale just be an exact copy of Super Smash Bros?

It’s easy to say that Battle Royale is just a directly copy of Super Smash Bros, and of course it does take its main concepts and ideas from it.  According to IGN though, Battle Royale does a great job differentiating itself from its inspiration.

To start the character roster is going to look much different than that of Super Smash Bros.  You will have fighters such as Sly Cooper going up against the likes Sweet Tooth from the Twist Metal franchise.  The amount of characters this game may have is going to be ridiculous.  I would image that downloadable characters are going to be an option throughout the games life. This will be much unlike Super Smash Bros since Nintendo doesn’t have the online infrastructure or hardware capacity to do so.

Battle Royale won’t just rehash old mechanics from Super Smash Bros either.  The Game Development team is made up of developers who have worked in previous fighting games before such as Mortal Kombat and UFC Undisputed gaming franchises.  The development of Battle Royale is being spear headed by SuperBot Entertainment, a new Sony exclusive development studio that was “purpose-built for this title”.

Seven characters have been reveal thus far. You kind find the complete list on the wiki.  Of these seven character we find very diverse play styles.  It looks as though this game will differ from Super Smash Bros in that every character will fight completely different.  In Smash Bros Mario and Luigi fought basically the same, maybe having one move different from each other.  In Battle Royale Sly will fight complete different that Sweet Tooth.  Where Sly Cooper will be stealth base, Sweet Tooth will have more brutal play style.  Some of the fighter are more tailer for distant attacks, while other will be best suit for close combat.  This variation will undoubtedly lead to some interesting fights in the game.

The stages that were shown during the preview of Battle Royale also presented a unique twist on level design.  Where as Smash Bros would have a level dedicated to one gaming franchise, Battle Royale will mix together different gaming franchises from Sony’s library to create a stage.  All though this may seem a little novel, its good to see Sony is trying to change it up a little bit.

Only time will tell if Battle Royale is going to being the Smash Bros equivalent on the Playstation.  I’m an avid Smash Bros fan, and I have to say I’m still very excited to play this game.  If the mechanics are good and the game is fun to play, I’m sure it will be a great success.

Have any thoughts about battle Royale?  Any characters you are hoping to see in the game? Let me know in the comments below.

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